Latvijas Banka's business hours have been changed due to holidays celebrated in early May.

The Cashier's Offices of Latvijas Banka will be closed during Labour Day (1 May), and on 6 May, which is a holiday since the Day of the Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Latvia (4 May) falls on Saturday. On the day before the holidays (30 April and 3 May), the Cashier's Offices will be open:

  • until 16.30 on 30 April and untill 15.15 on 3 May at K. Valdemāra iela 1b, Riga
  • until 14.00 at Teātra iela 3, Liepāja.

On the above holidays, the Credit Register of Latvijas Banka will not provide data to customers in person, but it will be possible to receive them electronically ( On the day before the holidays (30 April and 3 May), the Credit Register will be open:

  • until 16.30 on 30 April 
  • untill 15.15 on 3 May

1 May will be holidays for TARGET2-Latvija and the EKS. However, the EKS instant payment service and its links to the TIPS service and RT1 system will be operational.Customers of the commercial banks (AS “Citadele banka”, “Swedbank” AS and AS “SEB banka”), which have introduced the instant payment service, can make instant payments within a matter of seconds 24/7/365 also on holidays and weekends.

On 6 May, the payment systems TARGET2-Latvija and the Electronic Clearing System (EKS) maintained by Latvijas Banka will operate as usual on working days.