Latvijas Banka:

  • represents Latvia's interests in international financial institutions

    Latvijas Banka is a representative of the Republic of Latvia in foreign central banks and international financial institutions. Latvijas Banka may participate in activities of other international financial and credit organisations consistent with its objectives and tasks.

  • within the scope of its competence, acts as an advisor to the government and other institutions on monetary policy issues

    One of the tasks of Latvijas Banka is to advise the Saeima (the Parliament of the Republic of Latvia) and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia on monetary policy issues and other issues related to the performance of the tasks of Latvijas Banka.

  • services the Treasury's payments

    Latvijas Banka renders several services to the Treasury, ensuring servicing of settlement accounts. The Treasury uses services provided by Latvijas Banka for effecting settlement and also participates in the payment and settlement systems of Latvijas Banka as a direct participant of the system.

  • informs and educates the public

    In order to promote awareness and understanding of economic development, macroeconomic processes and decisions, both within the general public and specific target groups, Latvijas Banka uses a broad range of information sources: websites, Latvijas Banka's publications as well as publications in the media. Latvijas Banka also organises events (Conferences of Latvijas Banka, Expert Discussions) to ensure a dialogue with the stakeholders. For the purposes of promoting economic education, Latvijas Banka has established a Visitors Centre "Money World" and created a special website "Money School".