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Song Thrills

The coin has a horizontal rectangular shape, it reflects the horizontality characteristic of a choir on the open-air stage. The shape of the coin is counter-pressed, it creates a sculptural and a united wavy movement, the rhythm. The obverse of the coin features five multi colour bands symbolising the rows of choir singers, a multitude of voices and the polyphony characteristic of the choral music. The colours selected match the shades of the Latvian national costumes. The inscription "5 EURO" is placed in the lower left-hand corner.

The reverse of the coin is monochrome, the inscription "THE NATIONWIDE LATVIAN SONG CELEBRATION 150" is featured in the upper band, the year "2023" is placed in the bottom right-hand corner.


Collector coin dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Song Celebration "Song Thrills"

The Nationwide Latvian Song and Dance Celebration is a significant cultural event in Latvia. It is always a breathtaking, emotionally uniting and uplifting event. From the first Celebration in 1873 with 1000 singers, it has grown to a mighty movement – around 40 000 participants are preparing to take part in the XXVII Nationwide Latvian Song and the XVII Dance Celebration. More than 1600 groups in Latvia and more than 100 elsewhere in the world are preparing for the event.

The Song (and later also – Dance) Celebration has on average taken place once every 5.8 years. The tradition of the Song and Dance Celebration is inscribed on the UNESCO's Representative List of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity – it is a globally recognised cultural value. 

"The Song and Dance Celebration event is the place where local and inherited traditions meet, the heritage is collectively brought to life and the innovation expands tradition. Our common emotional and cultural capital is created in the process of preparing for the Song and Dance Celebration and blessing this event. This capital can be managed and augmented only through the contribution of each participant and the cooperation of all participants, constantly perfecting the ability to use their traditions. The tradition of the Song and Dance Celebration plays, played and will play an important role in the process of shaping the identity of the nation."
(Māra Mellēna, "Song and Dance Celebration. Tradition. Our cultural capital")

To honour this event, Latvijas Banka is issuing a silver collector coin "Song Thrills" dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Song Celebration.

The authors of the graphic design are artists Anna Līva Traumane and Harijs Vucens. The coin captures the myriad of emotions that come with the Song Celebration – the sense of togetherness, the emotional and musical excitement, as well as the visual brightness of the wide and diverse spectrum of the colours of the national costumes.

The shape of the coin is waved by the characteristic movement of the rows of the choir singers, flowing ribbons and skirts, flags and emotional thrill and the song itself (the sound wave).

The colour and the brightness interwine with the diversity of the national costumes, the atmosphere of the Celebration and the uplifted feeling.

The blending of multiple colours symbolically manifests the gathering of different people and traditions from various places in a united choir. Side by side, the singers become one choir and blend into one song.

The vibrant hues of the various Latvian national costumes are the source of inspiration for the chosen colours.

The coin has a unique horizontal rectangular shape, reflecting the horizontal character of the Celebration, stages and choirs. The shape of the coin is counterpressive, it forms a sculptural and unified wave movement, a rhythm.

The coin is made up of five colourful rows resembling the rows of choirs, many voices and the inherent plurality of the choral music.

Face value: 5 euro
Weight: 29.00 g
Rectangle (52.0 mm × 25.0 mm; thickness 2.3 mm)
Metal: silver of fineness .999; with UV print
Quality: proof
Maximum mintage: 4 000
Struck in 2023 by Regia Autonoma Monetaria Statului (Romania)

Graphic design: Anna Līva Traumane and Harijs Vucens