To inform the public at large about the implementation of its monetary policy and the developments related to the monetary and economic indicators, Latvijas Banka issues, on a regular basis, several publications in Latvian and English.

The Annual Report, the Macroeconomic Developments Report, the Financial Stability Report and Latvia's Balance of Payments rank among most important publications. In addition, many articles and commentaries are published on Latvijas Banka website

Other publications dedicated to individual areas of the central bank's activities, e.g. oversight of Latvia's payment systems, are available on Latvijas Banka website Interested parties can find there working and discussion papers written by specialists of Latvijas Banka that reflect the conducted analysis and the resulting conclusions.

Under Publications of the European Central Bank, the website of Latvijas Banka presents Latvian translations of the ECB regular publications prepared in compliance with the requirements of the Statutes of the European System of Central Banks and the European Central Bank. The English and other EU official language versions of these documents are available on the ECB website


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